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You can tell a lot about innovation in AI by tracking AI startups. As an emerging tech analyst, this is one of the main things I do on a weekly basis. We’re release two summaries of the State of AI in VC in 2024, this is the first one. Go to the end to see the biggest AI startup rounds that peaked my interest.

Even as Generative AI hype fades, investments in artificial intelligence (AI) startups surged to $24 billion from April to June, more than doubling from the previous quarter.

So 2024 is about half over and we’re going to be giving some snapshots of AI Venture Capital trends and list of some of the AI startups that have received funding. PitchBook has releases some really neat data lately.

AI investments drive 47% increase in US VC funding in Q2

Exits remain challenging with $23.6 billion in exit value in Q2

Investors: AI businesses require outsized funding; M&A could pick up

Reuters recently summarized that U.S. venture capital funding surged to $55.6 billion in the second quarter, marking the highest quarterly total in two years, according to PitchBook data published on Wednesday.

The latest (Q2) figure shows a 47% jump from the $37.8 billion U.S. startups raised in the first quarter, largely driven by significant investments in artificial intelligence companies, including $6 billion raised by Elon Musk’s xAI and $1.1 billion raised by CoreWeave.

One of my favorite AI Newsletters for VC funding rounds is easily Chief AI Office [Follow its creator Talin here, Newsletter Account]. To understand the AI startups of the future, Y Combinator is also a great resource. is going to have some interesting data on this soon to share.

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💰 VC funding in the US surged to US$55.6 billion in the second quarter, up 47 per cent from US$37.8 billion in the first three months of the year.

So which are some of the bigger and more interesting AI startup rounds so far in 2024?

What are some of the biggest AI trends in Venture Capital in 2024? Premium readers can read below.

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