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🎬 Odyssey is building a ‘Hollywood-grade’ visual AI
📜 Anthropic adds a playground to craft high-quality prompts
🧠 Google’s digital reconstruction of human brain with AI
📚 Knowledge Nugget: Navigating creative destruction and potential diminishing returns in AI infrastructure by

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Odyssey is building a ‘Hollywood-grade’ visual AI

Odyssey, a young AI startup, is pioneering Hollywood-grade visual AI that will allow for both generation and direction of beautiful scenery, characters, lighting, and motion.

It aims to give users full, fine-tuned control over every element in their scenes– all the way to the low-level materials, lighting, motion, and more. Instead of training one model that restricts users to a single input and a single, non-editable output, Odyssey is training four powerful generative models to enable its capabilities. Odyssey’s creators claim the technology is what comes after text-to-video.

Why does it matter?

While we wait for the general release of OpenAI’s Sora, Odyssey is paving a new way to create movies, TV shows, and video games. Instead of replacing humans with algorithms, it is placing a powerful enabler in the hands of professional storytellers.


Anthropic adds a playground to craft high-quality prompts

Anthropic Console now offers a built-in prompt generator powered by Claude 3.5 Sonnet. You describe your task and Claude generates a high-quality prompt for you. You can also use Claude’s new test case generation feature to generate input variables for your prompt and run the prompt to see Claude’s response.

Moreover, with the new Evaluate feature you can do testing prompts against a range of real-world inputs directly in the Console instead of manually managing tests across spreadsheets or code. Anthropi chas also added a feature to compare the outputs of two or more prompts side by side.

Why does it matter?

Language models can improve significantly with small prompt changes. Normally, you’d figure this out yourself or hire a prompt engineer, but these features help make improvements quick and easier.


Google’s digital reconstruction of human brain with AI

Google researchers have completed the largest-ever AI-assisted digital reconstruction of human brain. They unveiled the most detailed map of the human brain yet of just 1 cubic millimeter of brain tissue (size of half a grain of rice) but at high resolution to show individual neurons and their connections.

Now, the team is working to map a mouse’s brain because it looks exactly like a miniature version of a human brain. This may help solve mysteries about our minds that have eluded us since our beginnings.

Why does it matter?

This is a never-seen-before map of the entire human brain that could help us understand long-standing mysteries like where diseases come from to how we store memories. But the mapping takes billions of dollars and decades. AI might just have sped the process!


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Knowledge Nugget: Navigating creative destruction and potential diminishing returns in AI infrastructure

In this insightful article, discusses the rapidly evolving landscape of AI infrastructure and investment from a venture capital perspective. She shares insights from a panel discussion on AI investments and outlines key considerations for evaluating AI companies and technologies, such as

Asking deeper questions during due diligence

Reconsidering first-mover advantage

Understanding market consolidation cycles

She also debates about potential plateaus in AI progress.

Why does it matter?

The AI field is witnessing innovation at an unprecedented pace. The article’s insights offer a framework for more thorough due diligence in AI investments, potentially helping to separate genuinely promising technologies from hype.


What Else Is Happening❗

🚫Microsoft ditches its observer seat on OpenAI’s board; Apple to follow

Microsoft ditched the seat after Microsoft expressed confidence in the OpenAI’s progress and direction. OpenAI stated after this change that there will be no more observers on the board, likely ruling out reports of Apple gaining an observer seat. (Link)

🆕LMSYS launched Math Arena and Instruction-Following (IF) Arena

Math and IF are two key domains testing models’ logical skills and real-world tasks. Claude 3.5 Sonnet ranks #1 in Math Arena and joint #1 in IF with GPT-4o. While DeepSeek-coder is the #1 open model in math. (Link)

🚀Aitomatic launches the first open-source LLM for semiconductor industry

SemiKong aims to revolutionize semiconductor processes and fabrication technology, giving potential for accelerated innovation and reduced costs. It outperforms generic LLMs like GPT and Llama3 on industry-specific tasks. (Link)

🔧Stable Assistant’s capabilities expand with two new features

It includes Search & Replace, which gives you the ability to replace an object in an image with another one. And Stable Audio enables the creation of high-quality audio of up to three minutes. (Link)

🎨Etsy will now allow sale of AI-generated art

It will allow the sale of artwork derived from the seller’s own original prompts or AI tools as long as the artist discloses their use of AI in the item’s listing description. Etsy will not allow the sale of AI prompt bundles, which it sees as crossing a creative line. (Link)

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