CMSWire has come out with an extremely handy rundown of the top five free courses for mastering ChatGPT.

Each course focuses on how to ‘prompt’ ChatGPT — or how to put together a string of words into ChatGPT– so you’re sure to get the exact writing or output you’re looking for.

According to writer Scott Clark, the “comprehensive courses are available for those seeking a more in-depth understanding of what some are describing as both a science and an art form (prompt engineering).”

*Shoot-Out: CoPilot Pro Vs. ChatGPT Plus: Despite Microsoft’s cozy relationship with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI — it’s invested about $13 billion in OpenAI during the past few years — the two companies actually make competing AI chatbots.

This guide offers a shoot-out between the two.

Bottom line: CoPilot Pro uses the same AI software engine used by ChatGPT.

But some users may want to give CoPilot Pro a try anyway, given that Microsoft has interwoven the tech directly into MS Word, MS Excel and other Microsoft 365 apps.

*The Genius Mall: Millions of Custom Versions of ChatGPT Now Available: ChatGPT-maker OpenAI has opened a new online store where you can peruse millions of customized versions of its chatbot — known as “GPTs.”

While OpenAI already offers ChatGPT customization tools for any paying user of ChatGPT, this store offers pre-fabricated, off-the-shelf, personalized versions of ChatGPT — often forged by ChatGPT power users.

Observes writer Steven Vaughan-Nichols: “OpenAI claims that three million GPTs have already been built. To keep you from getting lost in their sheer numbers, OpenAI will provide a community leader-board. There you can browse popular and trending GPTs.”

*ChatGPT for Teams: Now at Prices Even Your Intern Can Afford: Small businesses looking to add ChatGPT to their workplace toolkit now have a new choice: ChatGPT Team.

Offered at $30/seat, ChatGPT Team is designed for businesses looking for more than what ChatGPT Plus offers — and are willing to use ChatGPT under a ‘self-service’ arrangement.

Observes writer Craig Hale: “Team members get higher message caps, an admin console for workspace management, and the ability to create and share GPTs with the workspace.

“OpenAI also confirmed in its announcement that it would not use business data and conversations for training purposes, adding: ‘You own and control your business data.’

“As well as existing functionalities, Team’s customers are being promised early access to new features and improvements.”

Team was designed to be less expensive than ChatGPT Enterprise, which offers no advertised price and is targeted to large businesses.

*Bard Vs. ChatGPT: A Silver Medalist, Just a Whisper from Gold?: Google’s answer to ChatGPT — Bard — is apparently within a hair’s breath of catching the market leader, according to reviewer Emilla David.

David’s take: Bard is “nearly as good — just slower.”

One of Bard’s primary advantages over ChatGPT: It’s free to use, while premium versions of ChatGPT start at $20/month.

*ChatGPT-Competitor Claude Promising More Cerebral Swag: AI startup Anthropic is reportedly working on an upgrade to its Claude chatbot featuring image analysis, such as the ability to identify dog breeds, compare images or describe artworks, according to writer Anusuya Lahiri.

Observes Lahiri: “Founded in 2021 by former OpenAI employees, Anthropic focuses on responsible AI and safety.

“The San Francisco-based startup launched Claude in 2023, attracting a diverse customer base, including Pfizer and Zoom Video Communications.”

*Now Presenting: The Junk News Jamboree, Courtesy AI: Apparently, the tsunami of junk news anticipated with the advent of AI-automated writing is upon us.

NewsGuard has identified 650+ junk news, AI-powered Web sites — all of which feature unreliable news.

Observes lead writer McKenzie Sadeghi: “The sites operate with little to no human oversight and publish articles written largely or entirely by bots — rather than presenting traditionally created and edited journalism, with human oversight.”

*Say It’s Not So: Humans Ready to Swap Hemingway for Hal: New research released by MIT finds that humans actually prefer AI-generated writing compared to writing composed by mere humans.

Observes writer Roger Dooley: “The most important finding for marketers is that AI can produce a result at least as good as the average professional human writer when both are assigned a simple, well-defined persuasive writing task — like the ones in this study.”

*Generative AI in the Newsroom: Top Tips: The PressGazzette offers an interesting round-up of automated writing best uses in this piece — gleaned from Reuters, BBC and Newsquest.

Observes Jane Barrett, global editor of media news strategy, Reuters: “We have our own instance of ChatGPT through Microsoft Azure that therefore allows us to be able to play safely.

“And I think that’s kind of a big thing – experiment, but experiment responsibly.”

*AI Big Picture: AI’s Top Big Money Winners of 2023: Besides becoming a household name across the globe, ChatGPT-maker OpenAI also scored the hugest investment bonanza among AI startups in 2023 — coming in at a cool $10 billion.

Also high-up on the list were other AI chatbot makers offering automated writing and other features — including Anthropic ($4.5 billion) and Mistral AI ($487 million).

According to writer Chris Metinko, the deep-pockets behind all those investment dollars were led by Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon and Google.

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Joe Dysart is editor of and a tech journalist with 20+ years experience. His work has appeared in 150+ publications, including The New York Times and the Financial Times of London.

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